Our Jewelry at "La Supérette by Sérendipité" – Une Part de Bonheur
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Our Jewelry at "La Supérette by Sérendipité"

Bijouterie Bijoux créateurs Sérendipité Suisse Une Part de Bonheur

Yes ! Our lovely jewerly is now sold at "La Supérette by  Sérendipité" an amazing store close to the Geneva lake, in Chexbres (Vaud Canton) to be exact! Everything there celebrates the creativity. Céline, her founder, curates a selection of almost-impossible-to-find magazines and publications, and very often she has the only copies in the entire Switzerland. She also invites little brands from everywhere around the lake to be displayed in her boutique. And when she asked if Une Part de Bonheur could be there, we just screamed YES ! So, don't wait a second, go visit Céline at her store to get a shot of creativity straight away :) the address: here

Marie, x 

PS: I can't resist sharing some pictures of the store window and some more of our little Une Part de Bonheur corner inside :) 

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